Holidays 2014

Hello to everyone and I hope everyone had a merry merry christmas and a happy new year! I know its too late to greet my dear readers, but hey! Better late than never, right? :)

So my holiday went pretty well, a lot of preparation and hard work (we mostly threw parties at our home) but it was all worth it because of the joy we brought and vice versa.

First up, December 19! Thats when my holiday started, and me and my boyfriend decided to watch The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies along with another couple friend we have, and basically it was an amazing day. Chinese buffet + Movie + the company of good friends = good way to start the holidays.

December 20, well, we started cleaning up our home for a dinner party that was gonna happen on December 21 and it was sort of a mixed party. My mom invited her friends over for a small get together, my sister invited her friends over too and well me, I had my boyfriend for company. To be honest I wasn’t really thinking of inviting him,but my mom insisted he come along!

So the 21st came, and It was one of the best nights I ever had. I met some of my mom’s friends who all happen to be asian (one of them was a Japanese woman called tomomi, and she was so cute and tiny!) and guess what? We all got along pretty well! Me and Nick (my bf’s name is Nicholas, but lets call him nick) got along well with Tomomi and her husband because we all shared the love for anime and Japanese culture, and we basically told stories to each other. It was really cute, haha!

table setting from the said party. Pic taken from my sister’s Instagram account, haha! Follow her: alyssairie

so that’s me and nick fooling around in the kitchen lol he’s such a loser, but an adorkable one. YES. Adorable + dorky combined, haha!

if you would take a look here, I have this necklace with my initial on it, that’s nick’s christmas present for me. It’s really pretty too~

December 22-23; nothing much, rested for a few days before the 24th, cuz we had to go to our grandparents’ during the 24th so it was really helpful that we rested for a couple days before going to battle again lol and by battle meaning more parties!

Okay! December 24, it’s Christmas Eve!! Wee!! So we exchanged gifts during the night, and here are some pictures to capture the said moments!!









so there you can see my sister, me and my mom. And my mom together with my stepdad.



Pajama party! So thats us with his daughter (in the pink jammies, her name is laurie) and his nieces (rose and alice)

Seoul-ful Halloween

Happy Halloween my dear readers! Its a day late, but still.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

To start off, yesterday was a very good day for me. Every friday we have Alexandra, the french teacher who is really chill, so basically we spent the class talking and chilling. Considering that it was halloween, maybe the teachers thought it would be cool to cut the students some slack, lol!

So after my classes, I headed straight to a friends house where we hanged out for a while before heading to downtown at Seoul Chako. The thing is this: It was halloween, so the the downtown was obviously packed, LIKE CRAZY. It was pretty cute tho, since everyone were walking around in costumes. We took the train altogether and it was so fun seeing the different costumes of people inside the metro.

We were six people: Me and my Boyfriend (Nick), Claudia and Jordan (they are a couple too), Gianluca, Sienna and David. And my god, the food was absolutely AMAZING! The last time I ate there was January with my sister and friends too. But yesterday was extra special cuz I got to spend my first halloween here in Canada together with the boyfriend (and a couple awesome friends too!) πŸ’•

The cutest thing happened in seoul chako too. You see, nick doesn’t compliment me all the time, especially in front of company (he’s a bit shy, and considering I am his first girlfriend, I guess he’s not used to it yet..maybe lol) so yesterday, while I was cooking for him this happened:

Nick: You’re so fucking pretty.

Me: Um, thanks.

This literally made me smile the whole time, considering that he’s the type to just keep it between us two, and saying it right then and there made me really happy. It caught me off guard too! πŸ™ˆ

So anyways, here are a few pictures from yesterday, and well, I hope everyone enjoyed their halloween!! πŸ’€




lol, boyfriend trying to cook for me πŸ˜‚

xx, Patricia

Things that love has taught me

Hello my little ones (now that I have quite a handful of readers, I shall refer to everyone as ‘little ones’ lol) I finally had the time to blog after quite a while! So today, I am going to blog about the several things love has taught me. Personally, I would list them all, but since I dont want this to be a long, boring post (especially coming from a 19 year old like me, what do I know, right?) but based on my personal account, I have learned quite a few important ones.

First: Love is Patient

Does this ring a bell? It Maybe the most clichΓ© of all sayings, but dear God, I cannot stress how true this is. Love will never run out, so long as you are patient. As long as you are willing to wait for the perfect time, for the perfect moment, everything will fall into place. Never rush love, rushing love will never be good. Let nature take its course.

Second: No Boundaries

Frankly, I think its stupid that they limit the idea of love for “couples” or for a “boy and a girl”. Love will be Love, and it means it is for everyone. I have met people who are not open to the idea of equality, and it saddens me a little bit on how these people can be so close minded.

Third: Love makes you do stupid things

I think its adorkable (adorable + dork) when me and my boyfriend act like idiots sometimes. But not all stupid things mean like, my boyfriend giving me a piggy back ride while walking. Sometimes it means being so engrossed in a toxic relationship. If you disregard your well-being just for the sake of love, then you have a very serious problem. Love is supposed to make you feel as if you are at your best, not at your worst.

Fourth: It should be improving. If not you, your partner.

One of the most important things I’ve ever learned is that if love can do anything, its making you want to improve yourself. Your partner should inspire you to be the best you can be, and vice versa. Its a beautiful thing to change for the better with inspiration. And what better way to get it by having your partner/lover help you?

Fifth: It’s never easy, but it’s worth it.

Probably every human being knows how tough love can be. And I don’t think Ive ever seen a couple without fights, whether its a big thing or the tiniest little things, it still stirs up stress. But the one thing I’m sure of is that even these fights or arguments happen, it doesn’t mean you just give up and leave. Nowadays, relationships are more of giving up rather than working things out. And I think that its ridiculous. You never give up on someone, no matter how hard it is. Because at the end of the day, you will realize that your love for your partner will always be the most important thing.

So thats pretty much it! I hope everyone is having a great day! Its time for my class now, so I gotta jet. Until my next blog post! πŸ’

xx, Patricia

Men are actions.

I could probably not stress this enough, ever since hearing this from a man himself. I am not saying men do not talk much, but mostly, men are all about actions.

Okay ladies, here goes: we all know that women act different from what they actually say. And there are only very few could actually “walk the walk, and talk the talk” ( I am not generalizing, This is clearly what I think. Please dont hate on me ;A; ) but so often, our true feelings come from how we express it. May it be by words or actions.

Earlier, I had a talk with a very good ( and witty ) friend on how ‘men’ are. He told me a lot of things, and I’ll quote some of the good ones:

Men are not stupid. We may think with our dicks, but that doesnt mean we dont have brains.

Listen, you have to understand that men are all about actions. We have balls, and to prove that those balls are balls of steel, we do not speak like women. We show it thru actions. If you live fucking 10 min away or 6 hours away, I will go see you just to be with you. And women think that is normal because we have to do that. But it means more than that. It means I am willing to go to where you are and waste gas or money just to see your smile, and that means everything to us.

There is a very think line between fuck,sex and making love. You dont want a guy who just fucks you and leaves. And if you are in a relationship, you dont want him to have sex with you, you want him to MAKE LOVE to you.

Let’s be honest, us women wants to be loved like how those disney princesses are loved by their princes. But the reality is not everyone gets that, and if you do find someone who treats you like you are the queen of his life, do not mess it up. Nowadays, relationship is about getting together an breaking up. But it should not end up like that. If you could work it out, then work it out. Love is about challenges and making things work. Love is never easy, and it will never be easy. But it doesnt mean it will always be hard. Loving someone is beautiful and being loved back is even more amazing. So ladies, if you do find that person; make sure to love the way you want to be loved.


Hello my lovely little readers, today I will blog about my french classes that I’m taking right now. Its not just a french language class, its something I need for getting a diploma. There are 8 levels, and right now I am at Niveau 3 (level 3).

Here are some pictures I took during classes:




Right now, I am in class, but its more of a speaking class to enhance the vocabulary of the students learning the language. Hope everyone is having a great day!! :)


Goodbye summer!

As much as I hated the summer heat and how much it burned my skin lol (well, at least for all the tanlines I got) I must say the time for fall has slowly begun. Two days ago the temperature here in Laval dropped to at least 16 from the 24-26 we usually felt during summer. So before I savor the “sweater weather” here are some pictures from my very awesome (sarcastically meaning ‘boring’) summer!







To be honest, im very much excited for sweater weather because basically… All my clothes are for the cold lol


I hope everyone had a great summer too!!


xx, Patricia


Just Another Pop Confession

Lately I have been watching Pretty Little Liars via ETC and I gotta tell you guys, it got me on my knees! Especially when I found out that Ezra is “A” and that Alison IS Alive! I mean seriously c’mon, those were some plot twists! WEW

Might I add that during the episode where “A” is finally revealed to be Ezra there was this song playing in the back while Aria and Ezra were at the cafe. It was soothing to me and I knew I had to find that song so I immediately got my laptop and searched for the song. At that time I only had a line of the song which was “This Isn’t Control” and guess what? It was the title of the song! Lucky one, I didnt have to search any further :D

I also found out that the song was sung by a new American Pop-Duo called “MS MR” (pronounced as “Miss Mister”) comprised by Lizzy Plapinger andΒ  Max Hershenow.Β  They have released their Debut Album last May 2013 titled “Secondhand Rapture” and I am lucky to have it in my iPod! Its now my current new fave as their songs remind me of the 80’s beat mixed with the pop culture of today. Not to mention their songs have been featured in Pretty Little Liars too! How awesome is that? *confetti shower!*

Album Cover of Secondhand Rapture
Album Cover of Secondhand Rapture


  • Bones
  • Hurricane
  • Ash Tree Lane
  • Dark Doo Wop
  • Fantasy
  • Head Is Not Home
  • Salty Sweet
  • Think of You
  • Twenty Seven
  • BTSK
  • No Trace
  • This Isn’t Control

My personal Favorites are “Salty Sweet“, “This Isn’t Control” and “Dark Doo Wop” if you guys have time, try to check those out! Or better yet, try to purchase or Download their album on iTunes!! :D

Have a great day to everyone!! :D