Hello my lovely little readers, today I will blog about my french classes that I’m taking right now. Its not just a french language class, its something I need for getting a diploma. There are 8 levels, and right now I am at Niveau 3 (level 3).

Here are some pictures I took during classes:




Right now, I am in class, but its more of a speaking class to enhance the vocabulary of the students learning the language. Hope everyone is having a great day!! :)


Goodbye summer!

As much as I hated the summer heat and how much it burned my skin lol (well, at least for all the tanlines I got) I must say the time for fall has slowly begun. Two days ago the temperature here in Laval dropped to at least 16 from the 24-26 we usually felt during summer. So before I savor the “sweater weather” here are some pictures from my very awesome (sarcastically meaning ‘boring’) summer!







To be honest, im very much excited for sweater weather because basically… All my clothes are for the cold lol


I hope everyone had a great summer too!!


xx, Patricia


Time Travel: PH to CA


I cant believe I didnt blog for almost 6-7 months, sheesh. So much happened during that time and I guess it was just so crazy that I didnt even give thought to whether I should blog or not *cries*

I dont know if any of you here follow me in Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram but YES, I am not in the Philippines anymore, I am currently in Canada! *CONFETTI SHOWER ALL AROUND*
It took forever to get here and I still cant believe that I am. Its crazy, I know. I had to wait for like 2-3 years before I came here, and now Im finally here, HELL FUCKING YES!

But of course, As much as I wanted to be here I still thought of the people that I was gonna leave behind back home (NO I WILL NOT CRY.. I WILL NOT… *CRIES*) I MISS THEM LIKE CRAZY :(

So long story short, Im here in Canada and this is how I’ve been spending my time here! :)






Just Another Pop Confession

Lately I have been watching Pretty Little Liars via ETC and I gotta tell you guys, it got me on my knees! Especially when I found out that Ezra is “A” and that Alison IS Alive! I mean seriously c’mon, those were some plot twists! WEW

Might I add that during the episode where “A” is finally revealed to be Ezra there was this song playing in the back while Aria and Ezra were at the cafe. It was soothing to me and I knew I had to find that song so I immediately got my laptop and searched for the song. At that time I only had a line of the song which was “This Isn’t Control” and guess what? It was the title of the song! Lucky one, I didnt have to search any further :D

I also found out that the song was sung by a new American Pop-Duo called “MS MR” (pronounced as “Miss Mister”) comprised by Lizzy Plapinger and  Max Hershenow.  They have released their Debut Album last May 2013 titled “Secondhand Rapture” and I am lucky to have it in my iPod! Its now my current new fave as their songs remind me of the 80’s beat mixed with the pop culture of today. Not to mention their songs have been featured in Pretty Little Liars too! How awesome is that? *confetti shower!*

Album Cover of Secondhand Rapture
Album Cover of Secondhand Rapture


  • Bones
  • Hurricane
  • Ash Tree Lane
  • Dark Doo Wop
  • Fantasy
  • Head Is Not Home
  • Salty Sweet
  • Think of You
  • Twenty Seven
  • BTSK
  • No Trace
  • This Isn’t Control

My personal Favorites are “Salty Sweet“, “This Isn’t Control” and “Dark Doo Wop” if you guys have time, try to check those out! Or better yet, try to purchase or Download their album on iTunes!! :D

Have a great day to everyone!! :D


Celebrating Lola’s 68th at Vikings

This post was supposed to be for August 28 (my Grandma’s birthday) but yea. Laziness got me. haha!

As I mentioned in my other posts before this, I celebrated my birthday at Vikings Luxury Buffet at the Mall of Asia.  After eating there, my Grandma fell in love with the food! So we decided to eat there again for her birthday :)

Ranging from Chinese to Japanese to American food. From grilled seafoods, Steaks and a wide variety of Salads you can never be hungry in this place!

280820133210 280820133212 280820133215

And they also gave her a small Birthday Cake! (they do this to every customer who has a birthday that’s eating there for that day) How cute is that Viking Chef ? haha!



Happy 68th Birthday to my lola! <3  (grandma)





Calamity at our Doorstep

The past 3 days were one of the most life-changing experiences I will forever remember.  And to think that I thought I was safe from the impending danger that I thought I would never experience.

August 18, 2013, 10pm, Manila Time: Rain started to pour relentlessly as I was cuddled up in my comforter. I thought to myself, “another bad weather, huh?” as I shrugged of my gut feeling that says there was more to this rain we were experiencing.

August 19,2013, 3am, Manila Time: “Gising Denise, Baha na!” (Wake up Denise, It’s already flooded!) my Grandma’s distressed scream got me up on my feet. As I look out the window, It was flooded at knee level. We were staring at disbelief at what we were seeing. It was 3 am, I was fucking sleepy and told myself, “Wala, huhupa rin yan mamaya.” (That’s nothing, The flood will go down soon.)

August 19,2013, 7am, Manila Time: I woke up because of the noisy crowd outside our house. I got up, dressed and took an annoyed look outside my window, only to see my fellow villagers scrambling whatever food supply they could get at the village supermarket right in front of our house. For a minute there I felt vulnerable, because the water that was earlier at knee level, was already at the upper waist of a grown man. I ran down and checked to see what else was happening and luckily, while our camera still had battery, took these shots:











190820133186# 190820133187








Garbage were floating, people were walking out and some of the teenagers were even enjoying the flood!! (EWW) You guys can probably imagine what happened next, The Black Out. Electricity was cut off. and from that point onwards, we could only hope that the weather would not get worse as it is.


August 19,2013, 5pm, Manila Time: It was getting dark, and with little light left, Me and my Uncle looked for every possible light source we have on hand. Flashlights, Candles, Phones, and All our rechargeable lamps. The weather wasn’t getting any better during this time, and by 6pm, we had already lighted a few candles to find our way around the house as it was already dim.


August 19,2013, 9pm, Manila Time: It was really dark (imagine something like being in a haunted house, with only candle lights) and by this time, we had already finished eating, and all of us were sitting in the living room listening to radio updates. It was still raining hard, and we were all worried that water would get into our home. We didn’t like what we heard when the news anchor said that this terrible weather will continue to worsen. I was cuddled up with our dog, Maya, Trying to keep warm. Despite no electricity, it felt like we were surrounded by electric fans. SPOOKY.


August 19,2013, 12mn, Manila Time:  I was wide awake. I was feeling cold and weak as I sit beside my window, praying that the flood would not get any higher. But the rain was disagreeing with me, It rained hard along with howling winds. I tried to sleep but I was awake the entire time. I fell asleep around 2am of August 20.


August 20,2013, 9am, Manila Time: I only had 7 hours of sleep, My body feels so heavy because of the cold air. As I got up, dressed up, I went down to see if there were any changes. And there were, Unfortunate changes. The flood was short of 3 more inches before it got into our home! My granddad and uncle already moved our freezers into a higher step to avoid the water. I was tense; I was moving back and forth from the kitchen to our main door to check if the water was getting into us. Believe me, I felt like this was something out of the news I used to watch. I never really thought that this, THIS calamity would hit us. To be honest, Our house is already pretty high from the actual ground/street. Its a 4 step-stair to reach out front door. SO I was really dumbfounded when I saw the rising water.


August 20,2013, 11:30am, Manila Time: It was still blacked-out, no electricity, and all we could do is wait for further news. The rain finally stopped, but the flood still remains. You could picture me, LITERALLY sitting in front of the radio and curled up like a crazy person. HEY, I WAS REALLY TENSE AND  SCARED!


August 20,2013, 7pm, Manila Time: It was raining, and the flood had subsided a bit, from waist level, it became at knee-level. By that point, I had let out a sigh of relief, because I thought water would get to us. AMEN.


August 20,2013, 9:30pm, Manila Time: There goes the heavy rain again along with strong wind. I didnt mind the rain, what minded me was the flood. Thankfully, The flood was getting lower, and wasn’t getting any higher. I was happy that it was already dying down.


August 21,2013, 10am, Manila Time:  Woke up late and first thing I did was look out the window. I could finally say that we are safe enough, as the flood was not visible any more. It was raining, but not as hard like the past 2 days. I was relieved and happy, But THERE WAS STILL NO ELECTRICITY.


August 21,2013, 4pm, Manila Time: I was walking around our house, when suddenly I saw one of our electric fans open (I LET OUT A SCREAM BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS A GHOST LOL) and then realized that the power was back on. YAY FOR ELECTRICITY!!! *throws confetti*


As soon as electricity came in, I charged everything I had! Phone, Laptop, iPod, everything! I was traumatized by not having charged enough batt for my phone and iPod. I WAS STARK BORED FOR 68 HOURS AND I SWORE THAT IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME AGAIN. (at least, next time, lol)


The crucial areas that was hit was our province, Cavite (Particularly in Bacoor, Noveleta, Kawit and Imus) and Laguna. I could only imagine what those other areas suffered. Our house was already high in the first place, All I could think about are those other families who were swallowed in the flood.


I am still very very thankful that our family had not suffered too much, but I still continue to pray for all the others who suffered worse. Me and my Family’s prayers will be with them all.



Lola-Apo Bonding (Grandma-Grand Daughter Bonding)

So yesterday was probably one of the best Bonding Day I ever had with my lola (Grandmother).


We headed first to our Residential Condo to pay our Monthly Dues and then headed straight to MOA for me and my Lola’s shopping spree. We first decided to check out the stores to see if we fancy anything. I decided to go to Elle for my first purchase. I was lucky enough to snag a cute top AND while I was in the store, I saw this cute guy along with his “girlfriend or sister” I dunno lol but he was damn hot. I thought to myself, “A cute top AND a cute guy? This must be my lucky day!”


But we were famished, so before heading inside the main mall we had to fill out the energy we lost earlier. We ate at Kimono Ken, and damn, the food is good! Japanese food will always be one of my favorite cuisine <3



After I got my first purchase, we headed to Giordano to see if they have any T-Shirts. My Grandma liked one of their t-shirts and bought one in a hot pink color. Yes, My grandma still wear t-shirts. she love them collared ones! haha!


Since It was tiring to go from store to store (and hell, Mall of Asia is crazy big!) We just decided to hit the department store. I allowed my grandma to do her shopping first. She was looking for a special Birthday outfit for her, since we’ll be having lunch at Vikings. It was fun helping her choose clothes, we practically raided the whole dept store looking for stuff to  try on!


After my grandma decide to rest, since she already bought stuff for her, she let me go do my shopping. Good thing when we were in the teens wear, there were seats available for my grandma. While she was resting, I was choosing those pieces I wanted. I got myself a peplum top plus those black jeans I’ve been wanting for so long! Good thing MOA Dept. store has everything already, whew.


Yesterday was indeed a fun day! I rarely get to bond with my grandma because of our business, but yesterday was one of the best for me. Guys, dont forget to greet my husky tomorrow! its her 3rd birthday!!